I received this over a month ago before writing a review. This is by far the best vaporizer I have ever owned. Great for out and about vaping of medicine. I bought several replacement coils and have not even used one. I have gone through five grams of wax. Charging battery after each gram. I am glad I have this to make medicating easy.


Ordered Thursday night. It was in my mailbox Saturday morning! The kit was missing a piece. I sent an email to let them know. The OWNER personally called me 2 hours later ON A SATURDAY. A holiday weekend no less. Long story short he sent me not only the missing piece but an entire top piece (Glass globe, eNail, base) as well. Side note: Because it was a Saturday, he probably had 30 minutes or less to get to the post office. I told him it was fine to send it on Tuesday(after Labor Day). Opened my mailbox Tuesday and boom...there it was. Thanks VapeApe!!


Just ordered these and they came within 2 days. I needed replacement coils for my Ghost Dr. Dabber pen and these fit like a glove. The coil heats up really fast and smokes great, had a big cloud every hit. 5 stars

Megan M.